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IMG_7090Like a lot of you, I am not sorry to see 2017 come to an end. It was a difficult year. One option for this first post of the new year would be to look back and try to gain some perspective.  Another is to try and move forward.  I’m going with the latter.

So, first, I’ve merged my old training website with this one.  Anyone interested in training can find more information here.

Second, if like me you are spending more time than usual inside because outside it is FREEZING cold, you may want to check out the training fun happening all over the internets in honor of the APDT’s National Train Your Dog Month–an annual event that happens every January.  For more info, visit the APDT website here.

Third, earlier this week, I had the opportunity to meet some very wonderful Camp P dogs who are waiting for their forever homes.  Locals, if you are looking for your next family dog, let me introduce you to Ringo, Lindsay, Lacey and Joe Wilson.  Each of their photos below includes a link where you can find more information.  These are not the only great dogs at Camp P–just the ones I was lucky enough to meet this week.


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