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Homemade Treats (photo essay)

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Last Sunday I needed some high value treats for Nose Work class, so I decided to give my new silicone pan a try.  (File this post under things you can do once final grades are in.)  The results were excellent:  hundreds of healthy treats and three very happy dogs.  These pans are popular now for making dog treats, and there is a lot of information available about which ones to buy and what recipes work best.  A good place to start is the Pyramid Dog Treats page.

Here are some photos from my kitchen.


TFW your human is baking and you heard it was something for dogs (!!)


Perfecting my technique. (Arlo waiting patiently, top left). After the first batch, I realized that spreading the batter went a lot faster with a spatula.


Helper dog covered in flour.


I was surprised at how easily the finished treats popped out of the pan. After batch three, I realized they come out even more easily if you wait for them to cool. (Note: some people think treats come out cleaner if you use the pan with round holes. That’s the one I have.)




Franz keeping an eye on the process.


One tray’s worth. (Maria waiting in the background.)


Me: Ready! Dogs: Finally!

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